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JUST GO LANGUAGES works with agents from around the world to help international students find an English program. Join our network of qualified agents by offering programs on our Miami Beach campus. We offer a variety of options for your clients. By becoming a JUST GO LANGUAGES, you can grow your business while helping students in your country learn English with personalized methods. We offer an exciting world of academics and fun activities!

Advantages of being a JUST GO LANGUAGES agent:

  • Commission incentives to its approved agents
  • High-quality education at affordable prices
  • Miami Beach year-round fun

For more information about becoming an agent for us, please contact info@JustGoLanguages.com or complete the Agent Application below.

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Agent Manual


Ethical Standards of Behavior Expected from the Agent:

The Agent is expected to abide by high ethical standards as outlined in NAFSA’s Statement of Ethical Principles. In a situation where an Agent acts unethically, the Agent’s authority to represent the School will be revoked in writing and no commission will be paid. Unethical behavior includes but is not limited to changing tuition fees and misleading or deceiving a student in any way. Performance benchmarks include the agent recruiting at least 10 students per year. Students’ excessive and repetitive complaints about an agent will result in the immediate termination of the agreement and ending the Agent’s authority to represent, market, or sell the School’s courses.


  1. Agents of JUST GO LANGUAGES may be individuals or business owners/employees of a recruiting agency. All agents, whether individual or business-oriented, must have experience recruiting international language students. If a business, the Agent is required to provide proof of business registration and incorporation through government issued documentation such as but not limited to, Business Registration Certificate, Chamber of Commerce Registration Certificates, and Operating Licenses as applicable.
  2. The Agent will refer to the JUST GO LANGUAGES website to ensure information shared with students is accurate and up-to-date. In the event of any questions about information not included on the JUST GO LANGUAGES website, the Agent should consult with the JUST GO LANGUAGES Director before providing answers to the prospective students.
  3. The Agent shall not make any false advertising.
  4. The Agent understands that all trademarks, logos, images, digital artwork, etc., representing JUST GO LANGUAGES, remains the sole property of JUST GO LANGUAGES and may be used by the agent only with the express, written permission of JUST GO LANGUAGES.
  5. The agent is required to provide a student with the acceptance letter and the school’s contact information.

Expectations and Responsibilities of the School:

  1. JUST GO LANGUAGES will deliver quality education and programs in accordance with the information published on the JUST GO LANGUAGES website.
  2. The School will take seriously and look into any student complaints received by the Agent and will seek prompt corrective action if needed (detailed guidelines are in the Student Handbook, handled first day of school). However, before the student starts classes, JUST GO LANGUAGES bears no responsibility for the recruitment process and will not be held liable for student dissatisfaction for any inconveniences caused by the communication with the agent.
  3. JUST GO LANGUAGES will answer students’ and Agents’ questions.
  4. JUST GO LANGUAGES does not discriminate against any person by religion, race or sexual orientation.
  5. All students are given placement tests, a copy of the Student Orientation Handbook, and a tour on the first day of school.


Personally, I offer my gratitude to JUST.Go – Languages for the best Summer ever. I would recommend to anyone looking to study languages abroad to start in Miami. Visit JGL and see for yourself why this is a great school. JGL helped assimilate myself into the city of Miami where I was given opportunities to practice English all Summer long. My one regret is not being able to stay longer. My overall impression of the school is that it was an excellent one providing students with great experiences.

Mirka S., student

"This school went above and beyond"

The coolest summer I have ever experienced… Big thanks for Just.Go – Languages for all their help. This school went above and beyond by not only providing insightful English classes, but also by helping me throughout my entire stay in Miami. Teachers at JGL are as helpful and resourceful as they can be. They will stop at nothing to research information for any accommodations you may need. Studying at JGL has been a great way to learn a new language and explore Miami. It’s a shame that I was only there for a month, but it was well worth it. I definitely plan to return soon.

Barbora S., Student

"Throw out all hesitation and JUST Go for it!"

Hello to all of you who are thinking about enrolling in a language course. Whatever your English learning goals are, I advise you throw out all hesitation and JUST.Go for it! Because this school has helped me so much, I find it important to share my experience with others in search to improve their English. I 100% recommend JGL to anyone seeking to study English in Miami because they have complied with all their promises and surpassed my expectation. Teachers at JGL are not only fair, but reliable and helpful during every step of the way. Class time is professionally planned to perfection to ensure there are no problems throughout the course. All in all, my English learning experience at JGL has been a great one! I highly recommend it !

Renato K., Student

We are looking forward to working with you.

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