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With all the delicious food there is to be eaten, it’s not easy to keep your body in shape when traveling to Miami! As an F1 International Student, it can be pretty difficult to maintain a fit body and good grades at the same time! Luckily, we’ve made it easier by gathering all the free ways

7 things to do when you live and study in Miami Discover the fun without breaking the bank! By Analiz Guzman, Oct. 2019   Living and traveling in Miami can quickly become an expensive adventure! We want to make your time here easier, fun and affordable! While you study abroad in Miami, here are some activities you can do in

11 Miami Parties There’s one for Each Day of the Week! By Analiz Guzman, Oct. 2019   You’re here to study abroad, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun! Be sure you make some time to party and play while you’re here to study and live in Miami.   Monday: Industry Night with Jarobi White Tuesday: WALL’S Favela Beach Party Wednesday:

Being an English learner can be daunting… so many tenses to choose from! How can students remember sentence formulas and know when to choose between the simple present and present progressive tense all while using effective subject-verb agreements? Dear students, it’s not easy… I know. But hopefully this summary will be a useful resource!  Continue reading below for

Specific instructions on how to apply for your F-1 Visa will be listed on the website of the American Embassy or Consulate from your location, but regardless of where your appointment will be, you will have to provide the same type of documents and address the same type of questions. To qualify and as part of the

What is an F-1 Visa (Student Visa)? An F-1 Visa is a non-immigrant visa for those who want to study in the USA. You must submit an F1 Visa application if you plan to enter the U.S.A. to attend an English Language Learning Program or a University, College or High School. Before you can apply for an F-1

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