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By Analiz Guzman, December, 2019 Art Basel Brings Boterismo to Lincoln Road Art Basel is over, but continues to linger on Lincoln Road, Miami Beach! Fernando Botero Angulo is a world-renowned Colombian artist and sculptor known for his style of exaggeratedly large depictions of people and figures. This humorous, yet politically critical art style is known as “Boterismo.” This

5 Language Learning Tips Survival English   By Analiz Guzman, Oct. 2019     Developing English skills is essential for maintaining a conversation when you study abroad. Improving your English vocabulary and knowledge will help you communicate more effectively when you’re trying to survive abroad in Miami, Florida.   Read along to improve your fluency and begin talking like a native!   How often have you

Our 4 Favorite Miami Libraries By Analiz Guzman, Oct. 2019   They say libraries are dying out and that with the new age of information technology, we don’t need brick and mortar place to research. We at JUST.Go - Languages disagree. Libraries are extremely useful! They are especially beneficial for those F1 International Students looking for a quiet place

Being an English learner can be daunting… so many tenses to choose from! How can students remember sentence formulas and know when to choose between the simple present and present progressive tense all while using effective subject-verb agreements? Dear students, it’s not easy… I know. But hopefully this summary will be a useful resource!  Continue reading below for


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