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Orlando's Best Value English School

Mission Statement

JUST GO LANGUAGES offers challenging and memorable opportunities by providing high-quality, personalized language learning experiences. Our unique, comprehensive programs help global students achieve career success and have better futures. LEARNING = FUN

JUST GO LANGUAGES is an English learning institute with one goal in mind: to bring a new perspective into the world of language schools by providing a fresh look at how English is taught and learned through not only the point of view of teachers and professionals but also from the students’ standpoint. WE ROOT FOR YOUR SUCCESS!

JUST GO LANGUAGES wants the students to achieve competency and be successful at learning the language within the shortest time period possible while feeling a sense of accomplishment and confidence when expressing themselves in the English language.

Mentorship: 78%

Education: 95%

Learning: 66%

Motivation: 82%

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We strongly believe we are the best value English School in Orlando. We offer the best English course at a below-average price.

  • Highly Skilled and Certified Teachers – Our school has a highly skilled team of teachers, who are fully trained and certified.
  • We offer a multi-cultural environment ensuring that students enjoy English in the most exciting and diverse ways.
  • Our students can choose a variety of programs according to length, intensity, level of interest and specific needs.
  • Our student services team is available anytime with advice and guidance.
  • JUST GO LANGUAGES has been successfully accredited by the CEA.

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