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Refund policy

  1. All tuition payments must be paid in full before starting classes. Tuition refunds may be requested before the students’ starting date. Refunds may take up to 60 days to process. Students who have begun classes but have extenuating circumstances which cause them to need to withdraw from the course may apply for a partial tuition refund at the Director’s discretion.
  2. If a student is denied admission or enrollment by the institution, the student will receive a full refund, except for nonrefundable charges.
  3. Registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  4. Courier fees are refundable only if admissions/enrollment related documents for any reason were not successfully delivered by mail.
  5. If the institution cancels the student’s program of study subsequent to a student’s enrollment, the institution will refund all monies paid by the student.
  6. Prorated tuition refunds will be calculated on a weekly basis. If the student attends classes even for one day of a week, the school will count that week as whole week for the purpose of calculating tuition refunds.
  7. Refunds may take up to 60 calendar days to process.
  8. If a student never attends class (no-show) or cancels the enrollment after their starting date, refunds may be denied.
  9. If a student attends class, granted refunds will be calculated on a weekly basis after their last day of attendance.
  10. JGL representatives have the task to submit any refund request from the student to the JGL Director. Written notification is not required, but preferred.
  11. Refunds will be made only to the person, company or agency that paid the school. Students who paid for a program through an agency, must apply directly to that agency for a refund.
  12. All refunds will be made in the form of a check unless the student paid by credit card, then the school will remit refund funds to the original credit card used for payment. If school related fees were paid by wire transfer, then the school will remit funds to the bank account from which the payment originated.
  13. A student who applies for a change of status and starts classes while waiting for the Department of Homeland Security’s approval on their petition may qualify for a tuition refund in accordance to number 20.
  14. If a student would like the school to remit refund to a person other than the student, they must provide a letter authorizing JGL to make the check payable to the person assigned by the student. A valid proof of identification must be presented by assignee when claiming the check. This is only applicable to tuition payments made by cash or check.
  15. If a student enters the United States on an I-20 form obtained through the school, and subsequently cancels prior to the start of scheduled classes or never attends class, the school will retain the equivalent of four weeks of payment for payments of less than 12 weeks. The rest will be refunded to the student.
  16. The length of the student’s enrollment period is also their Period of Financial Obligation. Students are not eligible to make up any class time lost during their Period of Financial Obligation.
  17. If the student has started classes, the tuition payment will be reimbursed according to the following criteria:
    1. Tuition payments for four weeks or less: Tuition payment is non-refundable and non-transferable.
    2. Tuition payments for more than four weeks: JGL keeps charges applicable to the first 4 weeks:
      1. After the first 4 weeks, but before the mid-point of the students’ enrollment period, JGL retains a prorated amount of the tuition calculated on a weekly basis and refunds the remaining balance. Students are not eligible for a refund on weeks attended partially.
      2. If a student withdraws after the mid-point of their enrollment period, they will not be eligible for any refund. JGL keeps all charges.
  18. Extended enrollment periods count as a separate, new Period of Financial Obligation and the same criteria as above applies.
  19. Refunds are paid within 45 days of the student’s last day of attendance/date of determination.
  20. In cases where the student fails to tell the school they are ending enrollment, the date of determination is the date:
    1. the school administratively withdraws the student; or
    2. the school terminates the student due to failure of following the attendance, conduct or student progress policies.
  21. Tuition paid on a promotional discount will be refunded at the rate paid at the time of enrollment.