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5 Language Learning Tips – Survival English

5 Language Learning Tips – Survival English

5 Language Learning Tips

Survival English


By Analiz Guzman, Oct. 2019



Developing English skills is essential for maintaining a conversation when you study abroad. Improving your English vocabulary and knowledge will help you communicate more effectively when you’re trying to survive abroad in Miami, Florida.


Read along to improve your fluency and begin talking like a native!


How often have you found yourself studying new English words and phrases only to forget them or never be able to actually use them in real life? Stop putting the valuable lessons you learn to waste. Learning new expressions is only as useful as what you use them for and we’re here to teach you something you can actually use.


Here are 4 tips for learning new English expressions in ways that you will actually remember to use in the future:

  • Always learn new phrases in context. It’s difficult to fully grasp how and when to use phrases if you’re learning them alone and not in context. Stock up on some magazines, subscribe to some newsletters, start reading more and listen in closely to conversations when you go out so you can try to learn new vocabulary and phrases from authentic materials.
  • Use the ‘chunking’ ‘Chunking’ refers to the learning method that involved grouping information together by category. This strategy is proven to make learning more efficient by activating your short-term memory. It’s the same reason we put social security numbers, phone numbers and more into groups, like 305-534-1255 rather than all together like 3055341255. They are much easier to remember like that! Who knew activating your short-term memory would lead to long-term retention? Use ‘chunking’ for remembering terminology by learning new expressions along with similar ones, their synonyms and antonyms.


  • Use all 4 of the language pillars. The language pillars, as we like to call them, consist of speaking, writing, reading and listening. When you use active learning through speaking and writing, you are practicing English through producing it and when you use passive learning through reading and listening, you are practicing English through consuming it. Turns out that utilizing both forms of learning, active and passive, you are more likely to naturally bring up new phrases correctly at the right times during conversation, bringing your fluency and language acquisition to the next level. Our General English Program provides personalized language learning experiences that include all 4 of these language pillars plus grammar.





  • Review through repetition. Repetition may seem monotonous, but you see it used throughout language-learning over, and over, and over (haha, get it?) again for a reason! Because it’s efficient! Repetition is one of the most effective factors that contribute to actually memorizing and learning new material. It has been scientifically proven to influence the long-term memory in a way that let’s you access new learned things, such as your new English phrases, for longer periods of time. So when you learn new expressions, repeat it to yourself over and over again. But repetition alone won’t make up for practice. Be sure to use the new phrase at least 3 times a day in different ways. Try this for 3 days in a row the next time you learn a new English expression!
  • Enroll in a comprehensive English program. English programs are a great way to learn through guided practice with a teacher as well as through natural practice as you get to know natives and your peers in class. I’m sure your fellow F1 International Student classmates will have a few new English-learning tips to share with you! At JUST GO, the classes are small, focused and taught by experienced and certified English teachers ensuring you have plenty of opportunities to practice and hone your English skills.


Follow these steps above and you’ll be sure to avoid humiliation and be confident as ever during your next conversation. You can save yourself a lot of time and embarrassment by knowing how to learn new English phrases and vocabulary effectively.


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